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Electrocoin casino software provider has been running since 1976 in service of the amusement industry. This gaming pc software developer is the brainchild of John Collinson and John Stergides, both of whom had extensive experience available before breaking ground with the firm. Electrocoin is better known for its contributions to the industry with gaming machines, FEC games, and arcade games. The firm’s road to popularity, however , was majorly paved by its Bar X distinct games that spun offline.

Electrocoin might not be a big name on line, but it commands a whole lot of recognition in offline gambling destinations. The game provider especially made waves in the niche back in the nineties when adult pinball machines were entirely swing. The games provider took the ability to produce games in the category that were themed around popular Shows in the United Kingdom during the time such as for example Star Wars, Baywatch, and Lethal Weapon. In 1992, Electrocoin also scored an important role in the gambling business where they were trusted with the recreation of an X-Men gaming machine that accommodated four players for the gaming firm Konami. These machines recorded the best sales the entity had seen at the time.

Over time, Electrocoin has adopted new modes of operation to appeal to every new generation of players in order to maintain relevance in a distinct segment that is constantly evolving. Back in the afternoon, the firm did so by venturing into the support of kids rides which were ran using coins. These products became a popular inclusion in theme parks, malls, and shopping centres, which blew the overall game developer into massive heights of success. Today, in 2019, it continues to supply the brick and mortar scene with a range of gaming machines as it is targeted on acquiring on the web affiliates aswell.

Special Features of Electrocoin Slots

Electrocoin adds slot games to its long list of gaming production ventures. Slots command the greatest following in casinos, which makes them an obvious provision by big businesses in the commercial. But Electrocoin casino games provider has yet to spotlight the online niche as much since it does on its land-based commitments. Nevertheless, it will bring something unique to the table to entice players in Australia and world wide, some of the features which you can use to spot Electrocoin pokies include:

  • Free spins: In many casino slots, free spins are triggered when three or even more scatter or bonus icons are landed on the reels. Electrocoin slot machines switch things up by offering the reward through single free spin characters. When the symbols appear fully on the screen, punters are awarded the value of freebies indicated on the icon. The prizes are usually between fifteen and thirty, and the rounds are played immediately the bonus is landed.
  • Low and high rollers accommodation: Electrocoin looks to service many players from small to big spenders. Electrocoin on line pokies accommodate less than twenty pennies per spin up to 100 euros or its value in other currencies.

Game Collection

Electrocoin gaming firm does not boast the largest selection of slot games with only two online pokies listed in its portfolio at the time. These sets are Bar X XL and Bar-X Colossal slots. The names of these fixed jackpot slot games are derived from the actual fact that BARs and X’s create the highest paying combinations. Despite having only two slots to its name, Electrocoin enjoys a wide range of games in the video and arcade games categories.

Social Gaming

The existing wave of social gaming, allowing the access of games on social media platforms like Facebook, has been adopted by numerous gaming businesses. But Electrocoin free pokies are not availed on the spaces.

Playing Tips

Players should take their time in choosing the perfect gambling destination to enable them to make the most of the knowledge. The option may be made by looking through reviews and ratings, no deposit bonuses, and other incentives of every site.

Secure Gameplay

This gaming company’s slots have been certified to have high standards of safety and security to enjoy by the united kingdom Gambling Commission, which can be the firm behind the Electrocoin license.

Electrocoin enjoys a whole lot of prowess offline that has yet to reflect in its on line ventures. The provider currently has only two online slot machine game games but promising to have a lot more in the nearest future.