The best and the worst tablets in 2018

We enter in that which already is the final stretch of 2017 and it is necessary to make the final review of the most notable highlights that the year has left us, the most interesting news and the most important tendencies, not only to make an outline of the best and the worst that we have seen in the last 12 months, if not also to serve as a note of that which we can hope to find in 2018.

The iPad is recovering from taking a chance on the extremes

It being good news will depend from where one looks, but of that which there is no doubt is that the iPad has been one of the great players of the year, much more than that which it is normally. It is interesting, furthermore, that it has been on two very different fronts: with an iPad 9.7 cheaper than any of those of its size that preceded it, and with an iPad Pro 10.5 which, conversely, has increased its price a bit more than that which would have been the last years model. In any case, both have been well valued by experts, they have received an important push in terms of experience of use with iOS 11, and they have acheived for the first time in years to recover their sales.

The high range Android tablets reach the ceiling and enter into crisis

This news is both one the best of the year and one of the worst, and it is which in 2017 we have found with the same time the candle light that which probably will be the best Android tablet up to date, the spectacular Galaxy Tab S3, the high range together have entered in what already we cacn say is a stage of crisis. you would think that we can be getting a little closer to its end, taking into account that one of the few alternatives that we would have to the Samsung tablet, the Pixel C, just a couple days that said goodbye permanently, without any kind of signal that would have a substitute.

The medium range does not stop improving, with an important push by Huawei

Maybe the high end Android Tablets are in crisis but that is far from meaning that the iPad will rule again by itself. And it is in the medium range ground where they are stronger than ever: the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 launched in 2016 and reduced during 2017 has been a fundamental pillar, but also thanks must be given for the good state of health of the tablets of this price range to the new Lenovo tablets and, especially, of the Huawei tablets: the Chinese manufacturer has consolidated themsleves already in the smartphone terrain and with their MediPad range they are also getting stronger in the tablet range.

The goodbye to the iPad mini and the new reign of the 10 inch

The 10 inch tablets never stopped being the stars in reality, but it’s true that during a fair amount of time those of 7 and 8 inches had a fair amount of leadership, something which has changed a fair amount during 2017: we can still buy the iPad mini 4 (or previous restored models) but it seems clear that we must not wait for a successor, and neither has been this year a compact version of the star Samsung tablet. The small tablets of are each time a took a chance on the basic range and, after all, the tablets for children although, fortunately, there are still large options of higher level, like the MediaPad M3 or the Mi Pad 3 are.

Closer each time to laptops

In reality, both the decline of the Android high range and the high range 8 inch have much to do, already that they are two clearly related tendencies with the effect that they have had in the high range as much screen growth in the best smartphones (which practically all of them enter already on the phablet terrain) as in the upswing of the 2 in 1 Windows. It seems that we are in a moment which the main reason to make a strong investment in a tablet is the power to replace a laptop and, effectively, the tablets with bigger screens, better accessories and more capable operating systems is taking the forefront and are each time closer to acheiving their objective. On the more negative side, of course, it is the prices of the high range that are shooting up. For this price, you can choose many great gaming laptop to play games, it’s better than tablet.

Each time the big brands dominate more clearly

Chrome OS will replace Android in the high end, and the formats and sizes will be adjusted to that which we will be demanding more, but it is 2018 which leaves us something that does not seem so easy to find a positive side is the tendency of the market to concentrate every time in the hands of fewer brands, something we already saw when a couple of days ago we discussed which had fared better. It is true that in the Samsung catalogues, Huawei and Lenovo already have a lot of variety, but the truth is that we miss the presence of other large names that gave us just as good tablets a few years ago, such as Sony or Nokia. We hope that some of them will return to the battle, attracted by the good results of these others.

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