Galaxy A8+ (2018) vs OnePlus 5T: comparison

Another complicated duel for Samsung’s new phablet, which faces another major current flagship in our newest comparison. We are also looking for models that are less expensive than the high-end devices. Let’s take a look at the technical specs of both phones to help you choose one: Galaxy A8+ (2018) vs. OnePlus 5T.


The similarities to the OnePlus 5T in terms of design are greater than what we see with the Mi Mix 2, as it is closer to the new bezel-less standard featured on high-end phones. In any case, it is still possible to see that the bezels of the Samsung’s phablet have not been reduced as much as its rival’s, and we also must take into account that we will find premium but different materials in both phones (glass and metal vs. metal). What we will certainly have with any of them is a fingerprint scanner.


Although the difference in size is not so incredible in this case, it is possible to notice that the Samsung’s phablet is a little bulkier than the OnePlus 5T even if both have the same display size (15.99 x 7.57 cm vs. 15.61 x 7.5 cm). Samsung’s phone is also heavier (191 g vs. 162 g) and thicker (8.4 mm vs. 7.3 mm).


However, in terms of their displays, both phones are very similar regarding technical specs: not only do they have the same display size, as we just said (6 inches), but they also feature HD resolution (2,020 x 1,080 vs. 2,160 x 1,080). This resolution is slightly higher than usual due to their format, which is longer than usual for both phones (as it is the norm for high-end devices), but it is not identical (because the pixel count is not exactly the same). Both phones also have AMOLED panels.


In terms of performance, the OnePlus 5T comes out on top again because this is probably his strongest suit: it profits from the fact that it features the high-end processor found in most Android flagships (an 8-core Exynos 7885 at 2.2 GHz vs. an 8-core Snapdragon 835 at 2.45 GHz), as well as twice the RAM (4 GB vs. 8 GB).

Storage capacity

In the section on storage capacity, however, the point distrubution is imposed again, and which interests us the most will depend on our habits: the Galaxy A8+ will come with 32 GB in the standard model, but it has a slot for micro-SD card, what we will allow to take hold of external storage in case they fall short, something that we can not do with the OnePlus 5T, but this compensates offering us 64 GB.


Also in the cameras section we have to think about which type of phographs we do the most to decide which is the winner, because while in the Galaxy A8+ we have the double frontal camera (with 16 MP), in the OnePlus 5T which we have in the back part (with 20 MP). Curiously, the main camera of the Samsung phablet and the front of the Oneplus would be tied, with 16 MP.


Regarding for the moment the battery capacity, it must be recognized that the Galaxy A8+ part has an advantage that can be substantial (3500 mAh against 3300 mAh) especially because its screen is very similar and its processor is also less powerful. It is difficult, in any case, to predict what the exact comsumption of both can be, in such a way that if it is a matter that especially matters to you, one will have to wait to test data of real comparable use.

Galaxy A8+ 2018 vs OnePlus 5T: bottom line of the comparison and price

With respect to price, to finish, the advantage is for the OnePlus 5t, sure enough, or at least that is indicated by the first figures they have been given for the Galaxy A8+, which will be placed at 600 euros, while its rival is sold for 500 euros. The two are an affordable alternative to the high range, but the savings are going to be a fair amount larger if we bet on the OnePlus phablet.

But for technical specifications, they are fairly equal, and only in the performance department the balance tilts more clearly in to the side of the OnePlus 5T, however it should be said that the Galaxy A8+ processor is also fairly powerful and 4 GB of RAM memory is very solid data when faced with mulitasking. It is important to note, that yes, the Samsung phablet has less internal memory but it has a slot for micro-SD card and that its battery is of more capacity, that which can compensate for something being larger and heavier.

Here you can consult the complete technical file of the Galaxy A8+ and of the OnePlus 5T yourselves.

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