Buying guide: What is the best SSD that you can install on your PS4?

The other day we published a tutorial to show you how to replace the Sony’s PS4 factory hard drive for a much faster SSD that will give us a greater performance, especially when loading games stored in it. Now, in this complementary article, we are going to tell you what SSDs are the best options that you can buy to install on your PS4, taking into account their speed, storage capacity and price.

First of all, we have to take into account that the PS4 needs a hard drive with at least 160 GB of storage capacity, so the 128 GB SSDs are not an option right from the start. We will have to go for a SSD with a minimum of 240-256 GB, although the ideal option is to go for 480-512 GB units, which offer the best price-storage ratio right now. We should also think about choosing 1 TB in order not to run out of space quickly, although you already know that said units are quite expensive.

Additionally, the element that interests us the most in terms of performance is the read speed, as the write speed is not too important. At the end of the day, we will only “need” the write speed when installing games, which will always be limited either by the read speed of the console’s DVD unit or by our Internet connection’s speed during downloads. So, as we say, although the write speed is indeed an important element, the read speed is much more valuable.

The last elements to take into account when choosing an SSD for the PS4 are its interface and size. It needs to have the SATA III interface and the 2.5-inch standard format, with a maximum thickness of 9.5 mm, to be physically compatible. Having said this, let’s begin:

The best 240-256 GB SSD for the PS4

This category could be summarized as “the cheapest SSD for the PS4”, and we choose the 240 GB SanDisk SSD Plus that is around €77. This is an SSD that meets all the requirements in order to be installed on the Sony console and that will provide decent read and write speed rates of up to 530 MB/s and 400 MB/s, respectively.

The best 480-512 GB SSD for the PS4

This would be the option in the middle because we are now seeing much higher prices as we search for a larger storage capacity; in fact the 240 GB SSDs would be filled up fairly quickly once we have 5-6 games installed. In this category, we choose the 525 GB Crucial MX300, its price being around €122. This is an SSD with read and write speeds of 530 MB/s and 510 MB/s, respectively, that stands out for being highly durable.

The best 1 TB SSD for the PS4

We finally get to a whole new level with SSDs that have 1 TB of storage capacity, meaning that we never run out of space, but they are also the most expensive units. Here, we choose the 1 TB Samsung 850 Evo, which costs around €315 in stores. There are some cheaper options (although not far from the original price), but this SSD uses the 32-layer 3D V-NAND technology, which provides read and write performances of 540 MB/s and 520 MB/s, respectively, and is highly durable due to its 150 TBW in this case, something crucial when using it with a console.

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